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What is a cloud kitchen?

Cloud kitchens are about efficiency and innovation for today's restauranteur. It is an excellent option for catering companies and seasonal food producers because they can reduce overheads and cut back on costs in these difficult times.

There has been huge growth in this sector. Savvy entrepreneurs choose short-term rental agreements that allow them to gauge the success of a project before committing themselves to expensive long-term contracts.

It may seem obvious but renting a commercial kitchen space for a short term is drastically less expensive than paying to rent and fit out your own private kitchen.

It is also an excellent option for those who are looking for an easy way to start their own food business. This kind of arrangement allows savvy foodpreneurs to test the waters before fully committing.

Cloud kitchens are an excellent choice for existing restaurants that utilise Uber Eats but do not want drivers ruining the experience of diners eating in the restaurant.

It is also an excellent option for catering companies and food truck operators looking to prep up or handle any overflow. Seasonal food producers such as Bakeries or Chocolatiers also can take advantage of cloud kitchens during their high peak periods.

Choosing a cloud kitchen base

When choosing your ghost kitchen, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a great fit.

Firstly, you should ensure it is secure for your stored good for your delivery vehicles and your staff and offer ample parking.

It should also have quality extraction and waste management processes in place. The kitchen should be well-equipped with a range of state of the art cooking appliances.

You may also want to consider if it is close to transport routes or public transport such as buses or trains for ease of employees getting to and from the facility.

Some of the more premium offerings by ghost kitchens will be additional options such as office and boardroom facilities, advertising options and staff break out and Uber driver lounge areas.

The future of restaurants

The trend of renting commercial cloud kitchens has changed how we think about restaurant fit-outs. It makes sense that some people will rent or buy premises before they commit to signing up for costly rental agreements.

Cloud kitchens are the future of food service. How restaurants adapt to be more efficient with the help of technology and innovation is critical to their ongoing success.

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