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Introducing the Tuam Street cloud kitchen.  A commercial facility, purpose-built to produce food specifically for delivery.

A turn-key, ready to go prep kitchen for your;

  • Restaraunt delivery

  • Catering

  • Food truck

  • Special event

  • Fundraiser


Introducing  Tuam Street Cloud Kitchen

How does a cloud kitchen work?

Cloud kitchens are centralised licensed commercial food production facilities where restaurants rent space to prepare delivery-optimised menu items.


One restaurant may run multiple brands, or virtual restaurants, all operating under one roof, or the kitchen may be run like an incubator, shared by different purveyors.


Picture a large warehouse with 15  fully secure and separate prep kitchens under one roof with stainless steel benches, hood vents, stoves, ovens, and sinks, each with its own orders coming in direct from customers.

Located in the heart of Christchurch

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