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Welcome to TUCK

Introducing the Christchurch Tuam Street Cloud Kitchen, where we provide the space, you do the cooking.

We  offer private 24 hr access lease kitchens of varying sizes, fully kitted out with Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

We take care of the day to day operations (equipment maintenance, insurance, waste removal), leaving you to concentrate on your business.  No expensive initial fit out costs, just move in and get cooking.

We also offer private short term kitchens, available to hire in shifts of minimum 4 hours for $100 ex GST.  These kitchens are fully kitted out not only with top of the line commercial equipment - ( no need to use the domestic oven or dishwasher at home or the local church hall), but also pots, pans, knives and bowls.  Just bring your food and enthusiasm.

Tuam Street Cloud Kitchen

022 187 5501

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